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Most Cardiac Calcium Score reports simply provide a “total score” and “percentile” – without putting this information in context, or providing clinical recommendations. They often fail to incorporate other cardiac risk factors and offer no guidance on how to use the test results.

Your Heart Report incorporates vital signs, lab values and patient characteristics – compounding these with an individual’s Coronary Calcium Score, to provide the single most accurate estimate of heart attack risk.

Your Heart Report’s platform goes further. Clinical practice guidelines and appropriate use criteria are cited along with clinical recommendations. “Consider a stress test”, “Start a high potency statin”, “Weight loss and routine cardiovascular exercise”, and more…incorporated with ease into each report.

For practices – Your Heart Report can facilitate the implementation of our reporting software, with our partners at EncaptureMD. We can provide on-site training and ongoing technical support. Like our report, technical support also goes above-and-beyond with both clinical and technical staff available. Customization is available and expected.

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With Your Heart Report —
Your patients receive
 a comprehensive,
personalized cardiovascular risk assessment.

Get MORE from your SCORE.

Your Heart Report now offers remote report preparation!

– No more time wasted entering numbers into reports.

– Consistent, accurate interpretations which meet ICACTL, SCCT and ACR standards.

– Guideline-based clinical recommendations included.

– Radiology “over-reads” can be included (or your institution’s radiologist can interpret).

– We fax to referring providers AND mail reports to the patient for you. 

– Customized cover letter and envelope included.

We make it a simple “click-and-sign” for your radiologist, cardiologist or prevention expert!  

Want to start a coronary calcium scoring program but don’t have an on-site expert — remote reporting makes it possible!

Upgrade your report today – save money, save time and improve quality!

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