Maximize the profitability of your CT scanner.

Fill down time with a full schedule of pre-paid cardiac scans for Cardiac Calcium Scoring. Use revenue to support additional hours of operation or an additional technologist, and multiply your revenue.

Improve payer mix.

Reaching 45+ year-old employed patients who are willing to pro-actively invest in understanding their cardiac health helps to engage privately insured patients.

Generate downstream revenue.

The simple fact is that you can treat a patient before they have a fatal heart attack. Upon identifying a high risk patient additional tests and procedures are often necessary; including office consultations, nuclear stress testing, cardiac catheterizations/stenting and follow-up CT scans. These treatments can often be less costly than post event needs.

Add preventative care to your accountable care model.

If you are embracing accountable care then Cardiac Calcium Scoring certainly fits. It provides quality, curbs costs and helps you focus on creating a healthier population.

Realize Tangible Benefits by Implementing

Cardiac Calcium Scoring


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Become the premier heart center of your community.

By offering Cardiac Calcium Scoring, you become a premier resource for heart health in your community.

Elevate public trust in your brand.

A medical practice that invests in a preventative service like Cardiac Calcium Scoring shows that it truly cares for its community. Demonstrate your commitment to preventing the #1 killer of men and women.

And most importantly…

      Save the lives of high risk members of the community you serve!

Consulting Solutions – Implementation Planning

We provide expert consultation on all levels, through all stages. Our turn-key service, overcomes all challenges.  We’ve been there, and have the tools to ensure success!


YHR works closely with a practice’s CEO, CFO and CMO to ensure your program achieves the mission of your organization. From pro-forma to implementation we work with your C-level team to define the metrics of success, and circle-back to ensure all goals are met & exceeded.

Building a Referral Network

Our market-tested advertising campaigns can jump-start a successful program. We work to make referral logistics facile, and provide the training & materials essential to the process.

“Champion” Development

Grooming an on-site prevention “Champion” (or Director) is integral to the success of your institution’s Cardiac Calcium Scoring program. Dr. Janik continues to support the program “Champion” beyond initial consultation.

Technologist & Scanner Preparation

YHR has the technical expertise needed whether you are contemplating an upgrade to your CT scanner or looking to optimize patient flow and scan quality. We have developed relationships with all vendors, and can often negotiate on your behalf for the most competitive pricing. Technologists are supported in their pivotal role — becoming expert at both acquiring high-quality images and ensuring an ideal patient experience.

Market Analysis & Marketing Campaign

No one comprehends the detailed value proposition of Cardiac Calcium Scoring better than YHR’s marketing team. Your institutional branding is easily incorporated into our time-tested campaigns. From printed flyers and direct mail to billboard campaigns, we can help. We can help you create a dynamic website to support your program.

Reporting Solutions

YHR has developed the industry “gold standard” in Cardiac Calcium Score reporting, along with Flexible Informatics [learn more]. Institutions are not tied to this reporting system, and YHR will work to find the optimal reporting logistics within any organization.

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