Hidden Risks: Don’t Ignore a Family History of Heart Disease!

Our genetic tendencies toward disease are hidden risks under our surface — we are often unaware of them until it’s too late!

I saw a patient, typical for my practice, where both of his parents suffered their first heart attack in the 50s. His dad had open-heart surgery, with 5-way bypass in his 60s. His younger […]

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Sudden Cardiac Death: “My husband Jack died suddenly and unexpectedly last month, at 67 years-old?”

This is an exact quote from a patient of mine in the office, and an all-too-common situation.

Men have heart attacks ten years sooner, on average. We die ten years sooner too, largely from sudden cardiac death. In fact, my patient who lost her husband had her first stent a few years back— but with quitting […]

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Improve Your Patients’ Lives with Your Heart Report

At Your Heart Report, we’re passionate about promoting the use of Cardiac Calcium Scoring because we believe it’s the best and most effective way to prevent heart attacks and save lives. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the key reasons Cardiac Calcium Scoring is so effective, and why Your Heart Report […]

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