A calcium score is the most accurate predictor of heart attack risk. I am passionate about making this life-saving test available to all patients, and ensuring medical practices and patients experience its full value.

During my cardiology training, we had our first son. As a new father, I stared into my new baby’s eyes and realized that I needed do whatever I could to ensure my own longevity so I could guide him through this world.

My own father had his first stent in his early 50s.  Although he had health issues, I could not help but wonder what part genetics played. Were my own heart arteries building up plaque and destined to fail early?  I intensified my study of preventive cardiology, researching any and all methods which might delay heart disease and protect my future. Then, I discovered Cardiac Calcium Scoring.

The idea that a person, even one with no symptoms, could take a non-invasive test that would show their arteries and the amount of plaque they had accumulated made perfect sense.

At Emory University in Atlanta, I helped grow their Cardiac Calcium Scoring program and interpreted thousands of coronary calcium scoring exams. I studied how to develop a successful program. Here I focused on patient “flow” during their scan, reporting logistics and referral patterns. I also published my academic research with Dr. Paolo Raggi, who is famous for his work in calcium scoring.

For my current multi-specialty practice – I developed, implemented &continue to direct a highly successful Cardiac Calcium Scoring program. My focus has been on appropriate use both in patient selection and in the management of results. I have overseen thousands of exams, and counseled hundreds of individuals on their results. I witness daily the HUGE impact this simple “score” has on the individual — whether HIGH, LOW or in-between.

Why I created Your Heart Report, LLC?

I spent many years fine-tuning our local Cardiac Calcium Scoring program, and continue to take great pride in ensuring every scanned “heart” realizes the true and maximal benefits of results.

Through creation of my book, “Patient’s Guide to Cardiac Calcium Scoring” — I can reach the masses, ensuring the benefit of this technology is fully realized in ongoing discussions and hard work with prevention doctors around the world.

Dr. Matt Janik,
a practicing cardiologist,
founded YHR to help save lives.

Matt Janik, MD, FACC
Preventive Cardiologist
President & Founder
Your Heart Report, LLC

Undergraduate: Yale University
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Residency: Weill-Cornell (NYC)
Cardiology/Imaging: Emory University
Board Certified: Cardiology & Cardiovascular CT

Through the creation of Your Heart Report, LLC — I have succeeded in multiplying and growing the number of “hearts” and lives that can I benefit exponentially. YHR started with my own unique knowledge-base and experience, and has grown through the involvement of experts in marketing, logistics & technology. As YHR we have defined “best practices” and demonstrated the reproducibility of success in Cardiac Calcium Scoring.

A common mantra for what we do is, “Why re-invent the wheel?”  We have the pragmatic solutions and processes to launch a successful Cardiac Calcium Scoring program.  We are excited to move individuals and corporations from point “A” where they are at, to point “B’ where they need to be —  to ensure their success. Materials, education and practice solutions are our forte. Ongoing support and reporting options complete our deliverables.

I personally remain appalled at the vast under-utilization of Cardiac Calcium Scoring for the prevention of the #1 killer in the civilized world!

I am personally committed, as is Your Heart Report, LLC, to helping the medical community efficiently and successfully implement Cardiac Calcium Scoring. I see a world where every patient will use this technology at some point, to prevent their first heart attack!”

Dr. Matt Janik

Preventive Cardiologist

President and Founder, Your Heart Report, LLC