At Your Heart Report, we’re passionate about promoting the use of Cardiac Calcium Scoring because we believe it’s the best and most effective way to prevent heart attacks and save lives. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the key reasons Cardiac Calcium Scoring is so effective, and why Your Heart Report is the best way to implement this prevention strategy with your patients.

It Accurately Predicts Future Heart Attacks

The higher your Cardiac Calcium Score, the more likely you are to suffer from a heart attack. It’s that simple. In fact, in a recent study, people with a score between 100 and 400 had 7 times the number of coronary events, while those with a score higher than 1,000 had 28 times as many. We must also point out that all patients enrolled in the study were all asymptomatic, which means they did not display any outward signs of cardiac distress. Once they received this information, they were able to take steps to rectify the situation and potentially save their lives.

It Motivates Patients to Make Positive Changes

When a patient hears that they have a high Cardiac Calcium Score, their first question is how they can lower it. Numbers are easy to understand and grasp, and having a solid number to work toward puts things into perspective. One of the reasons Your Heart Report is so effective is because in addition to this score, our report also incorporates other important information, such as vital signs, lab values, and patient characteristics. This means we can offer each patient uniquely tailored clinical recommendations for a healthier lifestyle and, ultimately, a lower score. It’s a powerful and effective combination, and your patients deserve no less.

It Determines Who Needs Stress Testing

“Screening stress tests” often return falsely abnormal results in patients without any significant plaque, and have failed to show benefit in rigorous clinical studies. By using a Cardiac Calcium Score to more accurately assess risk FIRST, you can avoid giving stress tests to patients who don’t actually need them. You can target only those truly “high risk” patients with significant plaque, where stress tests perform well to exclude severe blockage in heart arteries. This “gatekeeper” strategy using Coronary Calcium Scoring saves time, money, headaches, and most importantly, prevents heart attacks efficiently!

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Your Heart Report has been successfully using Cardiac Calcium Scoring, and our numbers prove that the system works. Here are some of the stats that make us proudest:

  • 85% of patients with high-risk results started taking statin reliably
  • 35% of smokers quit after receiving a high score
  • 3% of our screened population underwent revascularization with stents or bypass
  • For every 1,000 scans, an estimated 75 years of life was added to this population

We hope this post has helped you understand and appreciate the powerful effect that Cardiac Calcium Scoring can have on your practice and your patients’ lives. For more information or to implement Your Heart Report in your medical facility, contact us today. There’s no time to waste.