In his clinical practice, Dr. Matt Janik’s passion is helping people secure long-term cardiac health, and avoid heart attack and stroke. “The first step in avoiding a cardiac event is to know whether you are at-risk,” he says. “Only a Coronary Calcium Score can tell you that. Family history and cholesterol panels are much less accurate.”

Cardiac Calcium Scoring is a simple, non-invasive test that is the single best predictor for heart attacks. As any doctor will tell you, prevention is our best weapon in the fight for health and wellness. While Dr. Janik knew the benefits of Cardiac Calcium Scoring, he also recognized that medical practices faced many challenges when it came to implementing this tool.

At Your Heart Report, a huge part of our mission is to help individuals, providers, and practices overcome these barriers, instate successful Cardiac Calcium Scoring programs, and save lives. That’s why we go a step further. Rather than just handing off the tool and moving on, Your Heart Report provides resources to healthcare providers that can help them create their own successful Cardiac Calcium Scoring program.  Our consulting services include the following:

Building a Referral Network & Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest challenges facing practices that want to implement CCS is a lack of public awareness, patient referrals, and word-of-mouth promotion. Marketing is incredibly important when it comes to jumpstarting a successful program, which is why we’ve created market-tested advertising campaigns that make launching a new program a guaranteed success. We also provide the on-site training & patient-oriented print materials essential to the process. By incorporating your institutional branding into our template campaigns, including both print media and digital assets, you are instantly seen as the experts in your community.

“Champion” Development

Every program needs someone on-site who can spearhead the program and be its champion. Your Heart Report will work with your institution to identify and groom this candidate, both during and after our initial consultation. This “champion” is integral to the success of the program and will become its spokesperson, cheerleader, and clinical director. “Champions” reap many rewards as they help save lives through the early detection of CAD.

Technologist & Scanner Preparation

Your Heart Report has developed relationships with multiple CT scanner vendors, and can often negotiate the most competitive pricing. Technologists are supported in their pivotal role — becoming expert at both acquiring high-quality images and ensuring an ideal patient experience.

Reporting Solutions

Your Heart Report has developed the industry “gold standard” in Cardiac Calcium Score reporting. Our report incorporates vital signs, lab values, and patient characteristics in one easy-to-understand report that gives your patients important information and actionable solutions. When you work with Your Heart Report, you get immediate access to this report and all the power it provides.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation and learn more about how Your Heart Report can help your medical practice, fill out our form today. Together, we can save lives.