Your Heart Report’s mission is simple: to reduce heart attacks by increasing the use of cardiac calcium scoring, a non-invasive test that examines a person’s heart arteries and shows the amount of plaque that has accumulated there. We do this through educating patients and healthcare providers, and supporting medical organizations. Our calcium score report provides the single, most accurate estimate of a person’s heart attack risk. Our company is uniquely poised to help implement coronary calcium scoring programs due to three simple strategies.

1. The Report

The report (or, as we like to call it, the “gold standard”) is more than just a cardiac calcium score. It incorporates vital signs, lab values, and patient characteristics. This, combined with an individual’s cardiac calcium score, is what makes Your Heart Report so effective and so powerful.

Not only that, the report also includes guideline-based recommendations that patients can implement immediately in order to lessen their risk of a heart attack. These recommendations are simple and clear – such as “begin a cardiovascular exercise regimen,” or “consider a stress test.” By combining hard numbers and practical advice in an easy-to-understand format, patients are able to make the necessary changes to improve their health and strengthen their heart, right away. Prevention-focused providers also benefit from our report, having the guidance they need to care for their patients.

Your Heart Report now offers remote report preparation! Every institution can have access to “gold standard” reporting, while simplifying their reporting logistics.

2. The Support

Our report goes a step further, and so does our company. Rather than hand our software over to your organization, Your Heart Report provides on-site training and ongoing technical support. Our consulting services are just as robust—we offer a turn-key solution that will help you overcome any challenges and ensure long term success—not to mention countless lives saved.

Our goal isn’t to do everything for you, but to empower your organization to achieve its missions and goals. We work closely with your CEO, CFO and CMO in order to make sure our assistance is tailored to your needs. Not only that, we also have market-testing advertising campaigns that you can implement, which will help you establish your organization as a local leader in cardiac care.

3. The Passion 

For founder Dr. Matt Janik, Your Heart Report is more than a company—it’s a calling. It began when his son was born during his cardiology training, an event that made him reflect on the fact that his own father had his first stent in his early 50s. He began to wonder what part genetics played, and how long his own health—and his son’s—would hold out. He was convinced there had to be a better way to assess the risk of a heart attack and, after intensifying his study of preventative cardiology, discovered cardiac calcium scoring.

Dr. Janik practices preventive cardiology in addition to running Your Heart Report. He has implemented and grown his own successful calcium scoring program, and now prides himself on helping other institutions do the same.

It is his personal goal to help other doctors, clinics, and organizations utilize cardiac calcium scoring through his gold standard report and superior support.

Ready to learn more?

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