Our mission is to save lives by:

Educating individuals on how to use their Cardiac Calcium Score results to secure long-term cardiac health.
Providing resources to healthcare providers for the utilization of Cardiac Calcium Scoring with their patients.
Consulting for medical practices with on how to fully integrate and realize the maximum benefits of their Cardiac Calcium Scoring program. We also mentor practices when they are considering, or just starting a program.


 Saving Lives by Promoting the Use of

Cardiac Calcium Scoring.

Your Heart Report, LLC facilitates the evidence-based implementation and use of Cardiac Calcium Scoring.

Cardiac Calcium Scoring is the best predictor of risk of heart attack.

Arteries build up  with plaque (cholesterol, calcium & inflammation) over decades. The owner of the heart doesn’t know it is happening. The first sign is often when plaque ruptures causing a heart attack or sudden death!

By measuring the amount of calcium in a person’s heart arteries, the amount of plaque can be estimated as a “score”. This score provides a personalized estimate of heart attack risk. This is done by having a CT scan of the heart and having that scan analyzed by a qualified physician. Again, plaque is often detectable decades before a heart attack.

Early detection allows time to stop plaque and prevent your first heart attack!


This single “score” is a more accurate predictor of future heart attack than a person’s cholesterol or their family history. It is often better than complex “risk calculators” which take into account cholesterol values, blood pressure, age, gender and other cardiac risk factors.

In the United States alone there are 33 million people who would benefit from Coronary Calcium Scoring. Why did less than 600,000 people (2%) undergo CCS in 2014? Here, at YHR, we know well the barriers to universal access to CCS:

  • Lack of public awareness and out-cry for screening CCS.
  • Lack of payor / insurance coverage
  • Lack of doctors proactively incorporating CCS into their practice
  • Limited availability – too few medical practices and hospitals, even those with CT scanners, have chosen to develop CCS programs. Existing CCS programs have room to grow, but often struggle to get the word out and develop lasting referral patterns.

At Your Heart Report, we help individuals,
providers and practices to overcome these barriers.